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What kind of milling cutter is used to process aluminum alloy plane?

Since the widespread application of aluminum alloys, the requirements for CNC machining have become increasingly high, and the requirements for cutting tools will naturally greatly increase. How to choose a knife for processing aluminum alloy flat surfaces? When processing aluminum alloy flat surfaces, you can choose tungsten steel milling cutters or white steel milling cutters. For large cavity machining, you can choose a rough milling cutter with a tool rod and alloy cutting particles. Then, you can achieve a bright effect by selecting high-precision tungsten steel flat milling cutters and smooth cutters. The specific selection of milling cutters should be based on the actual requirements and effects of the workpiece being processed, as well as comprehensive factors such as processing environment and machine equipment. Tungsten steel milling cutters are generally preferred for precision machining, especially in industries such as 3C and healthcare in light industry. Compared to using white steel milling cutters, the lifespan is longer, the hardness is better, and the smoothness is also greatly improved. High requirements for smoothness can be achieved through side milling, while for general effects, end milling can be used. This processing has also been verified in practice by the precision craftsmanship of Knife Master.