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Join hands with Xili to achieve win-win cooperation

After years of production practice and technological accumulation, Xili Alloy has made tungsten steel materials stable and reliable. Classic brands such as SK30/SK35/SK45 are widely trusted by users. Since 2009, Xili Company has purchased several German CNC grinding machines, and combined with the use of cutting tools to verify and improve the lifespan of tungsten steel materials. But in the past two years, with the downward adjustment of the Chinese economy, the management team of Xili Company has realized that only resource integration can stand on the development list and not be eliminated! Over the past two years, the company has successively introduced five processing centers and purchased advanced testing equipment. At the same time, taking advantage of the powerful tool production platform of Xixia Shu, we have recruited experts and experts to develop and research tungsten steel tools. The materials are stable and consistent, production is fast and standardized, inspection is strict and standardized, inventory is sufficient, and customer service is thoughtful, laying the foundation for seeking extensive cooperation.

Xili Company has successively established offices nationwide. The Dongguan office was established in 2009, Kunshan in early 2015, Shenzhen in 2017, and Xiamen in 2018. The office will provide fast and efficient support to distributors or direct users. Practice has shown that this service method is highly popular among users.

Xili Company plans to actively build a distribution network in various parts of the country, including Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Hefei, Jinan, Wuhan, Wenzhou, and Northwest China, and continue to carry out investment promotion work. Xili Company will adopt various cooperative management methods and sincerely welcome powerful and influential tool dealers in the local area to join us. Partners can operate independently or jointly, ultimately achieving complementary advantages and achieving win-win outcomes.

Merchants interested in cooperating are welcome to Changzhou for inspection and guidance.

Welcome merchants who are interested in cooperating to Changzhou for inspection and guidance

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Advantages of becoming a partner of Xili Tools

Xili has a 16 year foundation in the development of tungsten steel materials, with excellent and stable quality and cost advantages.
Xili has 8 years of experience in tool manufacturing, with mature standard and non-standard customization technologies.
Owning ten grinding centers and a complete set of complete testing equipment; In addition, there are multiple strategic partners, each with their own strengths and complementary advantages, to ensure product output and quality.
Xili has a wide range of products to choose from, including high-end products, regular products, specialty products, and advanced products that can be attacked or retreated.
Xili series products have just expanded into the market, so do it first, serve it first.