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What is the round end mill for

What is a rounded end mill used for? Round end mills can be used in the arc machining industry, mainly for chamfering and deburring. The cutting speed of the end face edge is fast, the chip cutting ability is good, the machining accuracy is high, the machining surface is rough, and loading is relatively convenient. Rounded end mills are suitable for high-speed steel circular saw cutting machines and can process metal, wood, plastic, or many other materials. Equipped with integral hard alloy drill bits. And it has strong cutting strength and high hardness. The use of rounded end mills can prevent fractures in through-hole drilling and achieve stability and longer tool usage time. The overall hard alloy end milling cutter adopts an engineering groove design, which is conducive to debris cleaning under low cutting forces. Symmetrical end punching can improve balance and smoothness, while circular grooves can enhance control and reduce vibration. Can be used for processing aluminum and magnesium alloys. Slotting knives are usually used to produce grooves and notches. The single edge or multi edge slot milling cutter of the rounded end milling cutter is made of integral hard alloy, with good firmness, and the grooves and notches can be cut and polished clean. Rounded end mills can also be used as rough milling cutters for rough grinding. The diameter of the slotting knife ranges from 0.05 millimeters to 25 millimeters;