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45-degree tungsten steel 2-edge flat milling cutter, straight shank, 2-edge tungsten steel keyway milling cutter, aluminum spiral alloy milling cutter, customizable

Applicable materials: mold steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, and general iron materials; Product Usage: Extended cutting edge, mostly used for groove processing, side processing, and step surface processing. Both rough and semi precision machining can be used for trial use. Temperature for maintaining cutting performance 450 ℃ -550 ℃ The types and their uses are generally divided into: 1. Flat end milling cutter for rough milling, removing a large amount of blanks, and fine milling of small horizontal planes or contours; 2. Ball end milling cutter for semi precision milling and precision milling of curved surfaces; A small knife can finely mill small chamfers on steep surfaces/straight walls. 3. The flat end milling cutter has chamfers, which can be used for rough milling to remove a large amount of blanks, and can also be used for fine milling of small chamfers on flat surfaces (relative to steep surfaces). 4. Formed milling cutters, including chamfer cutters, T-shaped milling cutters or drum cutters, toothed cutters, and internal R-cutters. 5. Chamfer cutter, which has the same shape as the chamfer and is divided into milling cutters for circular chamfer and oblique chamfer. 6. T-shaped cutter, which can mill T-shaped grooves; 7. Tooth cutter, milling various tooth shapes, such as gears. 8. Coarse leather cutter, designed for cutting aluminum copper alloy, can be quickly processed